Welcome to KEEPSAKE Memorial Cards

When we lose someone we love, it can be a comfort to have reminders of the person they were. A photograph of them laughing, a tree they planted in the garden or a song they loved to sing; all of these can bring our loved ones to mind and bring a smile to our faces.

Our memorial cards aim to have that same effect. Keepsake offers a personalised memorial card service. We work with you to create a true celebration of your loved one and the life they led.

Our memorial cards can be of any colour or design, can feature any pictures or verses and can be in either English or Irish.

We place a particular emphasis on photographs. Your personalised memorial card can include several photos taken from different stages of your loved one’s life. It can feature photos of meaningful things such as a picture of your loved one’s garden, a view of their home, a musical instrument they played or anything at all of your choosing.

We can do a lot with photographs. We can extract faces from groups. We can remove unwanted backgrounds. We can also superimpose people onto scenes and blend photos together to form a collage of your loved one’s life.

We will work closely with you to create something that reflects the richness of your loved one’s life and just how much you miss them.