How to order

You can order our cards by filling in our order form.
You can download the file to print here, or contact us so we can post one out to you.

Order forms must be accompanied by:

  1. A deposit of € 75 for memorial cards and € 65 for bookmarkers. The full amount is not required at this stage.

  2. Photographs. Please send in the best quality photos you have, do not send in copies or computer print outs. There is no need to cut your photos out as we can extract faces from a group and can also eliminate unwanted objects from the background. Please number photographs eg Number 1 - Page 1 and when necessary please indicate the deceased by placing an X on the back of photographs. We can accept photographs, negatives, transparencies (slides) and also digital images on disk or by email. We always look after photos and will return them with anything you send us.

  3. If you wish us to put in your own verse or words please write them out clearly on the order form or a separate piece of paper.

  4. We have a wide range of religious pictures e.g. Mary, Jesus, St. Martin etc. but if you have one already that you want included please send it with your photos.

  5. All our verses and religious pictures can be viewed on our website

  6. Please complete the order form in BLOCK CAPITALS with your phone number

What happens after you send in your order

After about 10 working days we will send you a proof of your card. Please check it very carefully. If you would like to change a photo or verse we will be happy to do it for you. If the card does not need any further changes please let us know the number of cards that you require, we will then let you know the final amount and will complete your order. Once you have placed the order no further changes can be made so please make sure that you are happy with the proof. On receiving your cheque or postal order we will send your order to you and return all the material that you sent us.


We keep all orders on file for 12 months or more and so if you need any more copies we can re-print them at the same price.

How to pay

We accept Cheques, Bank Drafts, Postal Orders, Credit Cards and Cash (not in the post).

Please make all cheques, PO’s and bank drafts payable to Image & Design.